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MP3Shack is the go-to tool for YouTube video conversion and download. It is also compatible with other sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and so many well-known websites!
You also can download a YouTube video directly by adding AQ to its original URL for example:
Example :

Download yours video in multiple formats quickly and efficiently

Our video conversion, download and sharing process are done in a completely asynchronous way, making your download experience far quicker than with a basic converter and without sacrificing on output file quality; the original file’s encoding rate will be maintained no matter the format you select or your internet access quality.

Efficient search engine, simplifying your YouTube search experience

Convert and download videos using a range of platforms. If you’re wanting to download a YouTube video, you can conduct your YouTube search using our website’s search function above and download from the options that appear. For other platforms such as SoundCloud and Dailymotion, please include the full URL.

YouTube downloader compatible with the full range of operating systems.

Our service is highly flexible and compatible – whether you are using Windows, macOS, Linux, Android or any other operating system, MP3Shack will work for you so long as your web browser can handle HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Fully compatible with computers, smartphones and digital tablets

MP3Shack has been designed to work on the complete range of hardware platforms and can adapt to every resolution up to a 300-pixel width. Download from your TV, PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet!

No annoying ads to disturb your video and audio file conversion experience

MP3Shack selects its advertising announcers and partners carefully so as not to distract from your website navigation and download experience and so to reduce any risk of viruses or malware.

User-friendly and easy-to-use tool for searching, converting and downloading!

At MP3Shack, we believe our YouTube converter is the easiest to use and outranks other converters and downloaders in terms of the user experience it offers. See how easy it is to use for yourself!

Completely free online service without the hassle of registration or installation

Browse and download videos to MP3 and MP4 formats anonymously, safely and completely free of charge! No registration nor software installation is required – your conversion occurs completely online!

Unlimited downloading from a comprehensive range of video and audio sharing platforms.

Unlike other conversion services, ours is rare in that we place no limit on the number of files you can download, nor on the size of any of those files!

How does it work?

You can either look for your favorite video by using the search feature or just paste the link

Search a video using keywords or directly paste a URL.

You can enter a series of keywords in order to search for a video on YouTube. If you wish to download from another platform like SoundCloud or Facebook, simply enter the direct link into the search bar.

Select quality and file format

Once on the downloading page, simply choose which format you wish to convert to – video or audio.

High definition conversion

No matter the format you select, MP3Shack will automatically generate the highest quality file possible taken from the sharing platform you specify.

Audio and video file editing

MP3Shack allows you to choose whether to download audio (MP3) or whole video (MP4) files; you can also edit those selected parts of your downloaded content.